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Simply Be


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Times are tough for retailers,-that’s true. But there is a new kind of energy creeping into the High Street; A new kind of shop that bridges the gap between the real world and the ether. Whether it’s Tesco opening ‘dark stores’ where staff do the virtual shopping for online deliveries, or other retailers such as John Lewis launching click and collect only offers, the revolution is afoot.

At Studio Hagger we have been at the vanguard of this movement with the launch of a new entrant to the High Street by online fashion giant: Simply Be. A Plus size on-line favourite for millions, Simply Be spotted an opportune gap on the High Street. Whilst we hear almost daily that as a nation we are becoming larger (and no it’s not all muscle) mainstream fashion retailers just haven’t been keeping up. In a tight timeframe of 20 weeks from brief to the launch of the first two prototype stores we made the Simply Be brand come alive as a walk- in multi-channel retail brand experience. No retro fitted click and collect service this, but a shop that truly punches through from High Street to On-line.

Customers love it. They were queuing up outside both stores the day of opening. The Press love's it. Retail Week dedicated three pages of unequivocally positive response to the concept. And we are in the process of helping the client team to roll it out to a High Street near you now.

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