Brilliance and Know how in retail and environmental design


Making sense

of the new retail paradigm can be a complex business. Multi-channel, Omni Channel, bricks and mortar versus online, pop up shops, dark stores, click and collect..... How much is too much? When is it enough? And how do you keep it all clear, simple and understandable? Research clearly tells us that online sales for a retail brand increase when a walk in shop is in the same postcode area. But how to make that expensive retail site really worth its price? Retail design has never been more exciting - or more challenging.

We’ve recently brought several previously purely online offers to bricks and mortar - at a time when the norm has been to move in the opposite direction.

For high profile Plus size fashion brand Simply Be, extending from purely online and catalogue sales to the High Street was a gift to the millions of women size 16 or over (by the way that’s 60% of UK women) who want to be able to shop for fun on a Saturday without feeling marginalised and self conscious. On the morning of the launch of our first prototype shop in Liverpool, customers were queuing round the block to get in. Ten shops later we are continuing to roll the scheme out in an ambitious UK-wide programme. Not only that but catalogue retail giant owners JD Williams have added men’s ‘big and tall’ brand, Jacamo, to the mix with the result that our new Jacamo concept roll-out is gathering speed by the day.