Brilliance and Know how in retail and environmental design

Land Rover


Concept architecture
Interior architecture
Retail strategy
Experience design
Global Implementation consultancy
In over ten years as Global Brand Guardians for Land Rover we have worked with the company through its most exciting period of growth – as it became one of the UK’s most vaunted manufacturing success stories.  During our long relationship we have developed a broad range of projects in sites and in markets across the world. 

We have defined and legislated dealership design principles, creating user friendly guidelines both on line and real world. We have developed designs to showcase individual new product launches such as Range Rover Sport and Evoque, solutions for the full blooded Land Rover Experience and for the joint Jaguar Land Rover dealerships that are increasingly the norm. Most recently we have been developing exciting concept architecture for super premium flagship dealerships as well as a range of corporate buildings in key markets.

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