Brilliance and Know how in retail and environmental design

Exit Through
the Gift Shop

Remember the ad for the V&A

with the strapline: ‘An ace caff with quite a nice museum attached”? Not far from the truth for many of us visiting museums, art galleries or visitor attractions. Food writer Giles Coren recalls visiting London Zoo as a child and caring more about the gift shop than the animals: "Thousands of school children, coachloads of them have to visit these places, and all they care about is the shop."

Well that’s our bit.

We have a great track record in this unusual sector. We designed the retail stores - and incidentally also some of the attractions - at LEGOLAND in both Windsor in the UK and Carlsbad California as part of a long relationship with the LEGO brand.  Moving up the age scale and battling unprecedented Listed Building issues, we developed a store to mark the completion of a visit to the Tower of London. We have created exciting 3D brand experience concepts for the Land Rover off-road driving centres and we were responsible for the powerful retail sign off at Vinopolis, City of Wine, one of London’s more recent visitor attractions.