Culture Change

Your business needs

to make a change. It might be to do with managing a growth spurt, an acquisition or merger; it might be about streamlining, reducing numbers - perhaps rapidly - or changing premises. Perhaps it’s simply about attracting the right sort of people - and then holding on to them. Managing change internally, with the people who have to make it happen, can be both complex and time consuming. Sometimes it helps to literally shift the ground beneath their feet.

When it comes to the people who work for you, your buildings can be a vital channel through which to change hearts and minds. You can craft your spaces in order to influence working patterns and catalyse new attitudes and behaviours, and to demonstrate that if you are, perforce, taking away with one hand, you are also giving with the other. Use your building to excite and inspire, to express your brand or its new direction more powerfully and persuasively to your people. Terence Conran once declared that ‘Design is Strategy made Manifest”. Where better to do this than where your business lives and breathes? And if a new message and energy goes in - it also goes out to all the staff, stakeholders and audiences who interract in any way with your newly refocused people. It’s a win win.

Have a look at our work for housing association, Viridian. On a publicly scrutinised, tighter than tight budget we revolutionised their corporate HQ to signal a new era and initiate sweeping new working practices for the recently streamlined organisation. Talk to us too about what we did for Hamptons property consultants, redefining their identity from the inside out and rolling it out across the South West UK.