Brilliance and Know how in retail and environmental design


There has never been a time

when an unassailable brand statement has been so important in the automotive business. Studio Hagger has long specialised in design for this tough competitive sector. We are vastly experienced, both in protecting and expressing these valuable brands and in understanding and accommodating specific dealer network issues.

This is not a sector that suffers fools gladly.

Our client track record ranges from Alfa Romeo to Auto Planet and from individual dealership design to global roll-out management. We know how to create a narrative customer journey that makes the most of every opportunity to persuade and seduce. And we know how to do this not only for the most premium of brands - but right across the scale to the most mass-market affordable brands.

Throughout our nine-year role as Global Brand Guardians for the hugely successful Jaguar and Land Rover brands, we have steered the look and feel of the dealership environments for both brands across all their markets. We have worked from initial designs through to project management of local prototypes, showcasing the brands in all types and sizes of dealership, from a huge dual brand flagship in Mumbai to a small boutique city dealership in London. This year we have expanded our role, developing exciting concept architecture for this automotive success story, including HQ buildings in China, academic buildings in the UK and flagship dealerships in Kiev and beyond.